Inspiring Children's Authors Tips and Hints!

November 7, 2018

Inspiring Children's Authors helpful tips and hints!


As an author myself I often thought of what I wanted to write but didn't want to be the same as everyone else. So what could I write about? With thousands and thousands of new books every year

one would find the task to stand out daunting.


Here are a few little tricks of the trade to help inspire and motivate you to write the next best thing.


  • Children's books are more about illustrations then the story, especially to a small child, illustrations will keep them engaged. So remember to make the story interesting to the viewer. What do I mean? Well when thinking about the story at hand how many different scenes are there? Locations of the character though out the story. Can you make it so that the character is moving along with different scenarios or places to keep the viewer engaged?

  • Different is good. We come across so many same scenarios as a children's book reader we need to make the difference of giving the audience something they have never seen before. How is that possible? Creating unique characters in a story which is not typical to your everyday. Example is a creative type monster, a different looking animal or other fantasy type idea. Keep it fresh and unusual. It will attract people to the book because it is so vastly different. SO let your imagination run wild!

  • Keep the story on point. Sometimes as an adult we have a tendency to overwrite a story, whether its adding too many details or not enough change of scenery in the story. It therefore becomes long and the child may not want to finish the book. Remember that a child does not have a long attention span so keep it moving and to the point, the child will appreciate it more.

  • What is the value or result of the story? When writing a book for children we need to have a point of interest to the book, whether it be a lesson or a value or even some new information we are trying convey, simply. It must have a start, middle and end. There should be some impact on the reader to teach them something or to show them something in which they may not have known. So writing a short outline of the overall story will help in building a climax to the story keeping it interesting for everyone.


I hope this helps all you lovely aspiring authors, and happy writing!


L. J Campbell