Life's Equation

April 3, 2018

As a young father, I made up many bedtime stories to tell my children. They enjoyed tales of talking animals that visited our yard. I also believe they relished the moments shared with my creative side. I cherished that time with them, and the opportunity to tap into my sometimes-dormant imagination.

Time passes. When our little ones were grown and gone, I realized I missed the storytelling as much as their giggles and reactions. So, I embarked upon the journey to recreate those old stories.

That was the beginning of The Adventures of Rugs, a series of picture books for children up to age 6. The stories center around a hyper, happy squirrel named Rugs, and his band of backyard buddies.

I believe how we treat others is our equation in life. Those of us fortunate enough to share compassion, empathy, understanding, and acceptance with others whose paths we cross have a giving heart. We live and love generously.

The Adventures of Rugs is my humble attempt to create fables. In each one of these tales, I build a tension that can only be resolved through use of the moral.

Slow down, Rugs! is the first book in the series. In this feature we meet Rugs, a squirrel who absolutely cannot be still. He represents a hyper child, perhaps one with ADHD, or at least quite hyperactive. His friends, Riley the rabbit and Allie the owl, do their very best to slow him down and keep him focused.

One day his over exuberance gets the best of him, and Rugs forgets the warnings of the wise old owl. The result is a scary moment, when Rugs cannot be freed from a trap. Allie is a wise owl, however, and her resourcefulness saves the day, and her friend.

When I read this story to preschoolers, the tale generates much discussion. Every child in the class knows someone just like Rugs. It’s never them, of course, just someone they know. I witness how it resonates with them when the lesson Rugs learns about slowing down, and the loyalty shown by Riley and Allie, triumph.

Those moments remind me of late nights with my own little ones, when I watched their eyes dance with images of backyard buddies running through their imaginative minds.

Compassion + empathy + understanding = acceptance.
The children are the future. We have the power to shape it. Never quit.

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Bob Moulesong