Writer's Block

March 10, 2018

I really have a hard time with the thought of writer’s block.  I realize that many people would probably swear by it.  I realize it may actually be a defined thing in this world.  However, I encourage you to look at it maybe a different way.


I am working on a few writing projects of my own.  I have children’s books, devotionals, novels and a cookbook in the works.  Add to that, a single mom, a Deacon, a house cleaner and many other hats, it would seem my mind and heart never have time for writing.  I would submit, it is to the contrary.  As long as my mind is stayed on God, He is always showing me where I need to be when with what wisdom and how to share it.  Ecclesiastes 3 states, “To everything there is a season”.  In my thinking and contemplating, through my personal experience, this also applies to writing.  I keep a notebook with me at all times, because I never know when or what He is going to use to reveal.


Make no mistake, the gift to write, illustrate, paint or anything along those lines is it’s own kind of uniqueness.  I had been writing poems for years before God finally allowed the pieces to come together for my first children’s book.  I had to be patience for His time, and His details to come to pass before it actually worked and was beneficial.  Now, the fact that the publisher closed shortly after was just a small bump in the road.  God knew that was going to happen way back when I was a little girl writing poems.  He knew that it was going to be a challenge for a short time.  He knew that He already had an amazing publisher lined up for my writings.  I will admit, I was distraught for a short bit.  I had prayed and waited, and contemplated and prayed some more before choosing that publisher that closed.  However, God was no surprised, and He already knew the way out.  It was a season.  Thank you, Jesus, as short one, however, a season nonetheless.


In the thought of seasons, I would like to submit to you that when most would say a block, it is actually a season.  It could be a season of contemplation, research, renewal, service, sabbatical… the list could go on and on.  There is sometimes so much that we need to see and almost understand for our writings, that it is not going to be a month on some of them and we have a finished product.  I have one book in process that I have been using the drawing of the vision in counseling sessions for years.  I thought that one picture is what the book was going to be about.  Silly me.  God just added a whole new part to it yesterday, and it was very significant in the spiritual growing of a Christian.  Now…now I know why that book was on hold …for a season.  There was no block, He just wasn’t done showing me everything yet.  Albeit, there are children's books I have certainly written in a day or less, when the Spirit leads.

Living a life guided by the Spirit is not easy.  He knows, I am still working on this.  I had an instance last Saturday, it took me about three times of hearing it before I listened.  It takes diligence, patience, yielding, trusting, believing… and knowing that He loves us, unconditionally.  It takes knowing that we are beautifully and wonderfully made, for a time such as this, for His plan and purpose.  It takes just being still, and listening….really listening to Him.


Ephesians 6, starting in verse 10 is very helpful for me in these situations when I feel blocked.  I would encourage you to listen, and really contemplate what He is trying to say to you or show you.  Don’t let the deceiver discourage you, bring you down… or block you.  Greater is Christ in us than that ole deceiver in this world.


God is faithful to complete what He has started in you, this I know.  Be content in whatever season He has you in.  If you need someone to talk to, bounce ideas off of, share contemplations with, or anything like that, I know Debi is available, as am I. 


Happy Writing, my dears.

Ann Drews

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