Marketing Tips

When one considers marketing of anything, it can sometimes be a daunting task.  Honestly, who has the skills, the time or … most importantly, the patience??


I would encourage you, it is not as hard or as scary as it may seem.  As an author, when it comes to the finer details of your writings, you are the best one to share that with the possible readers.  As an author myself, I know what is poured into every single page of your books.  I also know that while I can handle the logistics of a book signing, or helping you get the word out there about the book, I do not know the specific details of how the book came to be, how it was created, what you went through to write it, or any other number of fascinating details held between the covers of your book. 


The first pointer I would have when you consider the marketing aspect of your writings is, indeed, patience.  Unfortunately, the walls in Jericho did not come down in one day.  It took a bit of time and preparation.  It is the same getting the information about your book out there to the public.  Of course, Pen It! Publications, LLC will do everything we can to help in that endeavor.  However, there will be those that ask about your book, the details of how and why and most importantly, where they can get their own copy.  Please, don’t forget to sign the books for them.


Next, be aware of your surroundings in your local area and beyond.  There may be opportunities for your book that will be easily missed.  There are many events that appreciate authors volunteering time.  Those could be library summer reading programs, reading nights at elementary schools, booths at summer fairs, booths at craft fairs, county fair speaking opportunities and the list goes on.  Always be open to the possibility to get the story out there.  What we might not consider as a beneficial option might be the beneficial information someone else is waiting for from God. As an example, there is a huge space museum not far from where I live.  I never noticed before publishing books, however, in the gift shop, they have signed books donated by authors to raise money for the museum.  What an amazing opportunity to help the museum and get my books out there.  There are so many opportunities like that.  If you don’t feel comfortable asking about the details, send me an email or call me with contact information.  I would be happy to do that leg work for you.


Third, in the community, at book signings, when talking about your writings, when dealing with media… smile, smile, smile.  I know that there will be times for serious conversation, however, smile!!  If you are happy about your book, they will be, too.


Also, do not be afraid to step out and share about your book.  It is a gift, indeed, to be able to put words and illustrations to paper.  So many have amazing stories and ideas in their heads, and just need that bit of encouragement to take that next step.  It can be very challenging when we consider what others may think, how others will take it, if it may offend others, etc.  Talking to someone that was able to take that next step to publishing may be just what they need to move forward.


Another part of Marketing is always keeping paper and pencil with you.  Albeit, notebook and pen, journal and colored pencils, laptop, memo on phone, tablet or whatever is your preferred way to take notes.  Many people may ask you many things, and it is very hard to keep track of it all at times.  Also, you will see and hear so many ideas for more writings.  Write it all down!!  You will be very thankful you did later.


I will be adding more to this blog as time progresses.  I am going to be researching places to post about your writings, writing contests and many other faucets of marketing a book.  You are all amazing and wonderful.  You can do it!!