Marketing Your Children's Books

August 16, 2017

For those of you who were not able to attend our last event at the Bartholomew County Library, here is the presentation given by Kimberly S Hoffman, Author of Emma's Dancing Day, on how to market your children's book.


Develop a Strategy:

*   Who is your main audience? Can you expand this out to include other groups?

*   What is your book’s theme? How can you use that to develop programs around this theme?

*   Are there other elements of your book that can be used to develop programs?


Create a Contact List:

*   Brainstorm Who Can You Contact

      *  Schools (include all age appropriate levels from preschool-elementary)

      *  Libraries

      *  Toy Stores

      *  Book Stores

      *  Churches

*   Utilize Social Media

*   Ask Children For Help Reaching Their Teachers

*   Bring up what you do in conversations.  You never know what may come of it


Time to Contact:

*   Keep your email as concise as possible, but include all pertinent initial data.

      *  Remember that teachers & librarians are busy people. You don’t have to provide dates,      

         times, etc. on the first contact.

      *  Include who you are, your purpose in writing, possible choices of programs, and include links

         to your Social Media site, your webpage, your publisher’s page, etc. Establish your legitimacy.

      *  If you cannot find contact information, call. Keep it to the point. Same rules apply.


You Receive a Reply:

*   Set Up The Visit

      *  Try to be as flexible as possible to meet their schedule.

      *  Determine the length of the program.

      *  Determine what program they would like presented.

      *   Ask for possible headcount.

*   Send the teacher a confirmation of details and include a pre-buy flyer.

*   Mark your calendar with date, time, contact number, and any pertinent details such as what you

    need to bring that day.

      *   Most schools will require you sign in upon arrival.

      *   Some will require you to fill out a background check.



*   Read your book

*   Main theme of your book

*   How to write a book

*   Secondary topics

*   Be flexible!



*   Thank you note

*   Ask for a review 

*   Let them know you are more than willing to come again

*   Look at what went well and what didn't  ADJUST


Other Ideas For Marketing

*   Book Launch

*   Book Signings

*   Attend local Literacy Fair

*   Talk up your book - You are your own best marketing agent!

*   Ask teachers/librarians/etc. to leave a review on your Facebook page, author webpage, etc.

*   Use other sites such as Author Central on Amazon, Goodreads, etc.

*   Look for ways to give back to the community through your book.


Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

*   Facebook events, posts, etc.

*   Other Social Media / Websites

*   Posters, fliers, postcards, etc.

*   Word of mouth