Marketing Yourself as an Author on Facebook

July 10, 2017

Facebook has billions of users worldwide.  It is the number 1 site for social media.  Setting up an Author’s page on Facebook should be a priority.  Even if you don’t use Facebook for daily use, set up an Author’s page and check it regularly (at least once a week).

Things to remember:

  1. If you are an author and you have a regular page, you should also set up a separate Author’s Page.  Why, because you may not always want your readers to join your regular page if you post personal things, express opinions, etc.  But, you will want them to know when you have new books coming out, etc.

  2. If you are unpublished, start an Author’s page once you begin the writing process.  This way your readers/followers, will know what is going on with your book. 

  3. Post regularly – at least once a week. 

  4. Don’t just post to be posting.  Have something to say.  i.e. “I’m beginning a new book….here is the title…etc….what it is about…blah blah”

  5. Give updates as you go along in the process:  1. I started a book.  2.  I am on chapter 3, 3.  I was picked up by a publisher, 4.  I have a release date, 5… it is available…etc.

  6. Facebook does not replace your author website.  I would recommend highly that you create one or have one created.  WIX is a great tool to create a website.  It is better to buy a domain with your name (not just a book title)… because you may write other books… but that’s another story.

  7. Having a Facebook page that is separate from your personal one helps keep your personal life personal.  You can decide who can see both by adding them to your friends list.

  8. DO NOT post anything controversial or too personal on your author’s page.  Save that for your personal page.  You don’t want to do anything that might offend a reader and lose them as a fan.

  9. Don’t just blast out “Go Like My Page” to all of your friends on your personal page.  Be selective.  If you know they are never going to read your book, don’t invite them to your fan page.

  10. Do not allow others to post to your page without your permission.  There are permissions you can set so that you have to approve any post on your page.  This prohibits others from posting things that might be offensive, or for posting advertisements, etc.

  11. Set a good picture in the header of your Author Page.  If you have a cover, put your book cover on there.  If not, put a picture of yourself or some other writing photo.

  12. Like for Like:  If you want to attract another author, illustrator, publisher, etc. to join your page, go “like” their page first.  Ask them to “Like” your page in return and give them the page address.

  13. Don’t just post a link to your book, write some content.  Write a little bit about the story so they can read it and it will peak their interest.

  14. DO NOT post every chapter within your page as you get it done.  You don’t want to give it all away.  Select 1 or 2 paragraphs from the latest chapter that will peak their interest.


Quick Tips:

  1. Be interesting

  2. Use photos

  3. Be curious about other authors and invite them to your page

  4. Be a little personal, but not too personal

  5. Post links to your webpage, blog, etc.

  6. Occasionally post a link to something else you find interesting (as it pertains to writing)

  7. Ask questions of your readers.  Post a few paragraphs and ask them for their feedback.  Show them your latest cover design and ask for feedback.

  8. Post Often (at least once a week)


Most of all have fun and be personable!  Let your readers know you like them and you want them to like you in return!