Book Review: The White Sofa by Debi Stanton

March 17, 2017

The White Sofa by Debi Stanton

ISBN: 978-1-940315-80-5

What do you get when you combine a romance novel and a suspenseful thriller into one book? The White Sofa by Debi Stanton, of course!

   The White Sofa tells the story of Shane O’Carroll, a beautiful and talented artist, who finds herself in a psychiatric hospital due to a mental episode ,following the delivery of a mysterious gift.  Sam, Shane’s twin  sister, and Koby, Shane’s roommate, search her cluttered and dirty apartment for answers, all the while bewildered at the pristine state of a white sofa. It looks completely out of place amongst the dark paintings. Why was it there? Why was it so clean and untouched compared to the rest of the apartment?

     In the good hands of handsome doctor Greg Callahan, Shane begins to reveal clues to her past, clues that force painful memories to resurface. And it’s those memories that lead to a startling revelation, a secret known only to her and her father. With each session, Dr. Callahan finds himself drawn to Shane ,despite it being unethical. Shane, too, begins to fall for the handsome young doctor who has been so kind and patient with her. But there is someone else who longs after Shane’s desires and he will stop at nothing to have her. Did he send the white sofa? Is he part of the secret?

     From the very first paragraph, Debi Stanton had me hooked. I was intrigued and had to find out what the mystery was to the strong reaction Shane had when seeing the white sofa. The description of Shane O’Carroll’s apartment painted a detailed picture in my mind; I could see the filthy windows, smell the paint thinner, and feel the mysterious aura surrounding the white sofa. And as more information about Shane’s past came to light, my mind was feverishly sorting through the details trying to figure out the secret before the truth was revealed.

     The storyline kept me wanting to read more. The transition between present day and flashbacks was seamless. Although less than 200 pages, The White Sofa draws you into the lives of the characters and producing 


a story that could have easily been hundreds of pages longer, but didn’t need to be. Debi keeps her readers    engaged in this suspenseful thriller with a romantic twist. Every detail in the story is relevant to the plot, no filler words or chapters needed. This is a great book for a rainy afternoon, stealing a few hours to yourself, or even sitting at the practice field or in the car line waiting for your children.