The Importance of an Author's Webpage/Blog

December 14, 2016

Do you have a website or blog?  In today’s world of technology, an Author Website or blog is an absolute necessity for writers.  What makes a good website?  Here are some questions that I have been asked by many authors over the years. 


            Q.        Do I have to wait until my book is published to have a website or blog?

                        A.         Absolutely not!  You will want to come up with your site early enough                                     that you can start promoting your “upcoming” book.  Start posting it                                     on Facebook and other social media.  If you wait to start your site until                                     your book is published, you will already be a step behind.


            Q.        What constitutes a good website/blog design?

                        A.         Your website should be clean, uncluttered and creative.  After all, you                                     are a write.  Make sure there are no misspelled words or buttons, etc.                                     that do not work.


            Q.        How often should I update my website/blog?

                        A.         Your website should be updated at least once a month.  But, if you                                     have a blog, post as often as possible (at least once a week).  You want                                     people to look forward to coming back to your site to see what is going                                     on in your world.


            Q.        Where do I start?

                        A.         There are many sites out there where you can build your own website                                     or blog.  Find one that you are comfortable with and that is easy for                                                       you to build.  One of my favorites is WIX.  The site is really helpful and                                     there are lots of templates.  For a blog, I like


            Q.        Do I have to have a domain?

                        A.         No, but I do advise that you buy a domain name.  GoDaddy and others                                          are pretty inexpensive.  Just be careful when researching that you are                                           paying a “one-time fee”, as many of them put in fine print that you will                                             continue to pay monthly.



           Q.        What if I am not computer savvy?

                        A.         If you truly have no idea what you are doing on a computer, there are                                     plenty of people and companies who will build a website for you.  Just                                     watch and don’t get someone who builds your site and then abandons                                     you.  You will need to update your site often, so either have them train                                     you how to use it, or get someone who is willing to update it for you.                                      Best advice I can give is to, take a class if you must!


            Q.        Can I sell my books right from my webpage?

                        A.         Absolutely, and I recommend it.  Many web building sites offer an    

                                    E-Commerce page within your website.  That is well and good if you                                           want to pay extra to have the E-Commerce page.  I would suggest just                                     adding a regular page with your books on it.  Each book can have a                                                       PayPal button where fans can order your books.  This way you don’t have                                     to pay extra because it is a normal page within your website.


            Q.        Can I have a website/blog combo?

                        A.         Yes, most web builders allow you to have a blog right on your                                     webpage, and I encourage you to do so.  You can update your blog on a                                     regular basis even if you don’t have a new book our or are not writing                                     a new one at the time.  Let your fa