Authors Fair - Madison, Indiana

April 4, 2016

On Saturday and Sunday, April 2nd and 3rd, Pen It! Publications attended the annual Authors Fair in Madison, Indiana.  There were approximately 40 or 50 authors in attendance.  The crowd was sparce, but there was some great networking.  I was pleased to meet a lot of new authors and reconnect with some I hadn't seen in a while.  


Authors Fairs are a great opportunity to mix and mingle.  I generally try to attend at least 3 or 4 a year and Pen It! Publications will sponsor 1 or 2 author events.


Author's Workshop:  A workshop is a little different than other opportunities because Authors get to hone their skills by working directly with other authors/instructors in a classroom environment. Generally, we try to run 3 or 4 classes at the same time and in shifts.  So, authors will have the opportunity to attend at least 3 classes of their choosing during the event.


Writers Conference:  A Writer's conference generally consists of one or more authors who are there for a speaking engagement.  Conferences sponsored by Pen It! have included speakers from all different genre's.  Previous Conferences:  Yes Cinema, The Crump Theatre,  Columbus Youth Camp, etc.


Young Authors and Illustrators Forum.  On Saturday, April 9th, there will be a Young Authors and Illustrators Forum at the Bartholomew County Library.  The forum runs from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm and we invite young people ages 10 to 18 to attend.  Parents and/or author mentors are also welcome to attend.  Debi Stanton of Pen It! Publications will be the featured publisher and we will have other authors on the panel:  Paul Hoffman, Journalist and Author;  Korey Woods, Illustrator for Pen It! Publications;  Cheryl Jenkins - the Essence of Good editing; and Jeri Maynard (jerjonji) a Young Adult author.  Please call 812-371-4128 or email to register for this event.


Writing Feeds the Soul:  Stay Hungry!


Debi Stanton