In the year 1917, CEDRIC ACKERMAN'S father succumbs to death’s kiss, unexpectedly leaving his only son with a responsibility among a supernatural realm under the threat of a malevolent entity. All would be well throughout the lands in Cedric’s care, except for the mere understanding that Cedric Abram Ackerman is a meek and pessimistic young man with no beliefs in anything straying from his idea of logic. As striking revelation is brought forth in the most inconvenient ways of a serpent gem, unruly winged sycophants, and four quintessential servicemen, Cedric    is determined to be rid of the alleged responsibility his father left him. His plea is received as the name of another savior is spoken into consideration, though not without Cedric’s assistance in apprehending this particular contender. In order to achieve his freedom Cedric must encounter flesh eating water creatures, literally bullheaded beasts, unfavorable trees, a broody group leader with a dark secret, and a scheming yellow-eyed entity that yearns for his birthright along with his head on a stick.

Zedekiah, River - The Shebet Trilogy, Book 1

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