A bewildered Confucius has found himself transplanted into the
Modern Era. A student of the wisdom of the Sages over the
Centuries, Confucius was well aware that their philosophical
perceptions were pertinent to the times they lived in.
As the world of the Modern Era revealed itself to him, he realized
existence in this era was never to match that of his time, or
that of the Sages that came before him. Still respectful of their
observations, he felt the world had morphed into the Modern
Era, so was it necessary for their introspections to transform to
this time in history. Indeed, he would take on that task and add
his wisdom to theirs and create "Wisdom for our time." Travel
down the philosophical path with Confucius as he does so.
Moreover, as he was saturated with the style of living and
worldly conditions, he could not resist commenting on them.
Whether it's "The quickest way to a man's heart, is with his donor
card", "Mistakes drive creativity", "Everyman will be known for
his actions, not the rumor of his intent", "Genetics determine
how tall you will be. Life experience will determine how wise" or
"The Husband and Wife Truism... one is always right, and then
there is the husband."
Join in the exposure of the ruminations of this respected
sophist... decidedly, "Wisdom for our time."

Weintraub, Fred - Confucius Adds Wisdom For Our Time

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