Timmy, Spot-on and the Wolfe by Floyd Simeon Root





Young Timmy lives in Canada, where the winters are cold and the snow is deep. He lives in a large forest and has only a few distant neighbors. His two dogs, Spot-on and Thumper, are his best playmates.


One day, Spot-on sets his nose to the trail of a wolf and follows him deep into the woods. Spot-on is excited to play with a new friend, but the Big Mean Wolf has other plans for him.

Timmy and Thumper must find Spot-on before he catches up to the wolf.


Illustrated by Em Vickers

Timmy, Spot-on & the Wolf

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  • Timmy, Spot-On and the Wolf by Floyd Simeon Root:  Review Submitted by Deborah L. Palmer (Amazon):  "Enjoyed reading the book and think the illustrations are beautiful.  I have ordered for my Grands, hope they enjoy the book as much as I did."