The Outlaws of Devils Den by Harry Simpson II is a western, in the true sense of the word. 

“Paradise Flats!” Kristina Michard had just escaped from her blistering-hot kitchen to drink some honey-sweetened iced tea on her own front porch in Paradise Flats, Kansas. Wow! Her very own front porch! She felt the town’s name was befitting, because paradise was where she felt she had landed. God seemed intent to bless her with a wonderful life.

Her husband, Ancil, had become sheriff, at only twenty-four, and the young couple had recently settled into their new life just outside of town.  Since coming to Paradise Flats, Ancil had spent much of his time arresting drunks, breaking up fistfights in the saloon, and ending family squabbles.  But, when Frank Coleman and his gang decides to take over his little town, Ancil is shot in the process.  Townsfolk whisk him out of town and home to Kristina.  As Ancil is recovering, word gets back to Kristina’s family.  Kristina knew she was good with a gun, but could in no way compare to the men in her family, who soon come to hers and the town’s rescue.

The Outlaws of Devil's Den Book 3 in the Westward Series by Harry Simpson II

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  • Outlaws of Devil's Den by Harry Simpson II:  Review Submitted by "great grams" (Amazon):  A great book about a new generation of a heroic family.  I am looking forward to the next book in the series.  I would recommend this book, in fact the whole series to anyone that likes a good "Western."