Book Two in the Old Man and the Watch Series


We all receive a call from a wrong number at one time or another. We briefly chat confirming the wrong party was reached, hang up, and go our merry way. In July of 2013, I received such a call. It was an older gentleman trying to call his Home Health Nurse. We started talking and had a four-hour conversation. Thus, began a friendship. We sat chatting for hours on the phone. He was 86 years-old and the stories of his life were fascinating. When I hung up, I thought to myself, “That could have been anyone on the other end of the call. What if that call changed my life? What if that one call instigated a chain of events that had global consequences. The Old Man and The Watch was born. “This is the story of how one phone call changed the tilt of the earth we know as ‘every day.’ Though I tell the story, dear reader, you will come to realize one does not merely relate an entire lifetime. There are lives within lives, scattered like shattered glass, flowing as a tide, taking different paths, seeing with different eyes, and yet…yet, we are all held together by a golden thread, which begins the tapestry. The tapestry tells the story, not one individual.” The Old Man and The Watch Jo Jewell The Old Man and The Watch has grown into a series. I invite you to join me on the journey. The second book, The Good Guardian and the soon to be released Snake Skin, follow the lives of the characters. They grow, they change, they live, they create the golden tapestry.

The Good Guardian: The Battle of Grey Island by Jo Jewell

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