The Adventures of Two Gun Pete with Smelly Feet by DJ Ducky


The Adventures of Two Gun Pete begin in 1889 in Rexford, Montana, when Pete was 12 years-old.  Pete became the fastest man with a gun that ever lived.    How did Pete learn to shoot?   Why did his feet stink?  How did he capture the bank robber who shot the sheriff?  Come along and meet Abigale Minor, Matt Dillard, and learn how Pete discovered he was related to Wild Bill Hickok.


Author D. J. Ducky was born in 1927, exactly 50 years to the day after Pete was born. Ducky grew up on a ranch, not far from where Two Gun Pete lived as a boy with his parents. 

             Ducky, as everyone called him, got his nickname when he was a boy of 13.   D. J. was his real name and he loved going duck hunting with his dad and older brother, Butch.  D. J. loved blowing the duck call and practiced every chance he got, although the constant quacking sound coming from his bedroom nearly drove his mother crazy.  However, D. J.’s practice paid off.  When he was just 13 years-old, he had become one of the best duck callers in Montana, as noted by his second place finish at the State Fair.

On a cool, fall morning of that same year, D. J. went hunting with his dad and older brother.  They both stayed in the “blind” while D. J. went to the edge of the woods, by the lake, and began to use the duck call.  He was so good that some nearby hunters thought it was a flock of ducks and began shooting in D. J.’s direction.  Fortunately, he was not hurt, but from that time on, his family, friends, and townsfolk called him Ducky.  The nickname has followed him until this very day.

Ducky knew all about Pete, because he was Pete’s great grandson and had heard about the adventures of Pete from his dad, Pete’s son, Billy.  D. J. began telling the stories about Two Gun Pete to his classmates in school and now writes about Pete’s many adventures.





The Adventures of Two Gun Pete with Smelly Feet by DJ Ducky

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