The Adventures of Moe: Moey's Big Back Yard by Rochelle Lazauskas


Moey has a big back yard and lots of friends.    Moe is the softest, cutest puppy you have ever seen.  When he goes out into his back yard, he and his friends like to huddle together and take long naps.  But this time, there is something different about their nap….hmmmm???  Follow along to see who wants to join the gang in Moey’s Big Back Yard


Moey's Big Back Yard by Rochelle Lazauskas

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    MoReviewed by Rosie Malezer for Readers' Favorite

    Moey’s Big Back Yard is from The Adventures of Moe children’s book series, written by Rochelle M. Lazauskas and illustrated by Teresa Amehana Garcia. When Moey, the black and white puppy, goes into his big back yard where it is cozy and warm, he decides to take a nap. He is joined by his friends – some squirrels, a turtle, a snake, a butterfly, some bunnies and robins - who all fall asleep in a pile with Moey. But when Coco, the big brown dog from next door, decides to fall asleep on top of Moey and his friends, suddenly things are not so cozy anymore.

    I loved the innocence in this wonderful children’s tale and was easily able to visualize the words coming to life as the sleeping pile grew bigger and bigger, suddenly thrown into a frenzy by one too many. Rochelle M. Lazauskas and Teresa Amehana Garcia’s combined talents have produced such a delightful book for young readers, incorporating humor, while showing how animals like to take advantage of the beautiful weather which Nature presents to them. Friendships develop between different animal species as peace, comfort and spending time with friends becomes a priority on such a perfect day. Trust plays a very large part between each of the animals, as the story shows the harmony which can be accomplished, even when there is nothing to do except sleep and take advantage of the warmth. I enjoyed reading Moey’s Big Back Yard and wholeheartedly recommend it to readers aged 5-8 years of age.