The enemy of my soul said to me “Turn [face} down every picture you have of your daughter… she is dead to you.”

My husband and I were estranged from our daughter for fourteen years. I spent so much time running away from the pain she caused in my heart; I could not face it.  Countless days, I wanted to run and hide from the hurt I was feeling on the inside. When I found the courage to face my pain, my tears started to dry up. As I prayed without ceasing, God filled my heart with His comfort and peace. God did not let me run away; running never solves anything! While I was going through my ordeal, I longed for a book that I could connect with, a book that would speak to my hurting heart.

In my book, I share the following: the pain of estrangement, the questions that persist, the fears that arise, and how God spoke to my distressed heart. There is a scripture at the end of each devotional and it is there for support and to help bring you to a quiet place so you can begin the healing process.

“We do not choose what we go through for God’s glory but we do choose to give God glory in what we go through”—Dorlene E. Smith

Smith, Dorlene E. - 31 Day Devotional for the Hearts of Estranged Mothers