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The practice of child marriages and its attendant               problems invariably revolves around, among other     considerations and reasons, families, communities,             societies and countries.  

Child marriages often occur in remote parts of the country where essential civil service is elusive and perpetrators are rarely brought to justice. Girls              typically get married by virtue of pressure from   parents, relatives, poverty and a lack of choices and chances. The United Nations estimates that child            marriages will cost developing countries trillions of dollars by 2030.  

Child marriages are a cancer that is gradually eating away the vital organs of a country. The social and economic make-up of a country is under strain          due to unfulfilled dreams of a youthful age group that should be the working class in a country's      demography. This then encourages the vicious             circle of poverty that children born by mothers bound in such unions find themselves in. Education is key to their personal and professional success and freedom.


Sibanda, Ndaba - The Dangers of Child Marriages