Seymour the Semi:  Space Truckin’ by Scott Spoonmore is book 1 in the series


The National Space Explorers have a problem. The astronauts aboard the space station are low on supplies, and they have no way to get them there. So they call on a very special friend to help. Blast off as Seymour the Semi goes on an amazing adventure that’s out of this world. Ride along as we go space truckin’ through the universe.

Seymour the Semi: Space Truckin' by Scott Spoonmore

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  • Seymour the Semi:  Space Truckin'  by Scott Spoonmore:  Review Submitted by an Amazon Customer:  "My eight year old grandson loves reading this book.  It was so exciting to him that this semi-truck flew into space.  He loves science and anything connected with it.  He read the entire book at one time.  He laid out on the sofa with his feet propped up in the air and read to his hearts content!  He read it to his grandaddy!  I really enjoyed this little book too!"