Jack McRose is great at being average. Needing to ace his finals in order to graduate from the University of Illinois, he is hoping to bust loose from college and, well, live with his mom while working at his family’s business. His girlfriend is off to Africa for two years. His friends have moved away or are getting married (or both). Jack’s plans are set, until he takes a road-trip to Colorado to attend the wedding of an old friend. There, he meets Hamish, a clever, charismatic, womanizing New Zealander. Through their friendship, Hamish introduces Jack to a different philosophy and a broader perspective. Hamish helps Jack realize that plans and expectations are great, as long as they’re your own.

Sculptor Boy by Chris Craig

  • Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

    I love books that, while telling a great story, make me think about life and its realities in a serious way and Sculptor Boy: The Journal of Jack McRose by Chris Craig is one such book, with the narrative centered on a strong character. Jack McRose doesn’t seem to be the kind of person with big dreams and he isn’t one to stress over serious choices. It seems as if everything is laid out for him in black and white — complete college, move in with Mom and work for the family collection business. With his girlfriend off to Africa, Jack thinks he has a plan for his life, until the fateful trip to Colorado to attend a wedding brings him into contact with the unusual, flirtatious, and intelligent Hamish, a guy from New Zealand who will challenge Jack's worldview and perhaps everything he’s ever believed in.

    This is a story about making the most important choices in life, a story that will compel readers to reflect on whose values they live by and if they can embrace who they really are with inner freedom. The narrative is done in a powerful first person, and it features great prose and wonderful dialogues. Chris Craig knows how to build dialogue and he uses it to explore the different layers of the story — plot, character, and thematic development. I enjoyed the way the theme of friendship is developed and readers will find Hamish to be a very interesting character. Fast-paced and intelligently plotted, Sculptor Boy is a smooth and delightful read!