U.S. Army Sergeant Harry Archer has been listed as 'missing in action' since the Vietnam War ended 40 + years ago. When he suddenly escapes his Vietnamese captors, he's armed with the knowledge of a classified top-secret agreement that was reached between former U.S. President Richardson and North Vietnam's leader. The agreement enabled             Vietnam to retain specific POWs with skills vital to rebuilding that country. The hand- picked men were reclassified at the end of the war as 'missing in               action' and destined to remain in Vietnam for the rest of their lives. It would be considered restitution for damages inflicted by America and in return the  pre-ordained 'peace with honor' would be reached. When the Vietnamese government notifies the current President of the United States of his             escape, he acts in accordance with that agreement and orders the CIA to track down Sergeant Archer and kill him before he could expose the agreement. Within hours Harry Archer leads a cloak and dagger life as the CIA is determined to kill him and keep the government's heinous act of so many years earlier hidden from the public.

Pisani, Frank Charles - MIA: A Hero's Return