Petra Pencil Pines for Pizza by Dawn Doig


Petra is a pencil with flaws who spends her days alone in the pencil box waiting for the day she can draw. One day the pencil box gets knocked over and she finds herself on paper for the first time drawing her love, pizza! Suddenly plump, the other pencils think she is even more useless than before. Then one day a little boy with learning needs joins the class and a special friendship develops.

Petra Pencil Pines for Pizza by Dawn Doig

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    Petra Pencil dreamed of drawing and she was jealous of watching the other pencils go off for the day. Petra Pencil imagined the wonderful things she could draw if given a chance. She wanted to draw a pizza that was perfectly round, beautiful, and awesome. Prudence was always the first one to be picked up and Peter was next. Petra wondered why she was always the one left behind. She was brand new and her tip was always sharp and ready to go. She thought the tiny splinter she had on her side was the biggest problem. She tried to get rid of it many times but all her attempts were useless. One Monday she landed on the floor and got a chance to make contact with the paper. She drew her favorite pizza and by the time she finished she had become plump. She did not know what to do but then a new student, Jordan, joined the class and things changed for Petra Pencil.

    Petra Pencil Pines for Pizza by Dawn Doig is an adorable and simple story that tells young readers there is a place for everyone, irrespective of their size, shape, and color. The special bond between Jordan and Petra Pencil is palpable to readers through the story and the illustrations. The illustrations are bright and colorful and breathe life into the characters and the story. It is fun to see the pencils having a name and a personality of their own. The story is also for children who have a problem when it comes to holding a pencil and writing neatly. Children will love the book and both parents and tutors can use it for read-aloud and storytelling sessions at home and in classrooms and school libraries to help youngsters address challenges with a positive outlook.