Model I -The Star Fish Model-Single Set/Single Platform Games(S.S./S.P 1.1.1-3)-Book 1 Volume 1 Games 1-3

Since the discovery of the 3-D Chess World, with the power of innovative creativity, our inspiration has always been and still is you. We fall in love with the game of chess again and again. It is no secret that the high-concept book of Advance 3-D Chess craze is now sweeping the continental United States, Europe and Asia. Both the hardware prototype and the applications software (electronic applications for gaming) of this new dynamic game may generate tremendous rewards beyond one's wildest imagination. This space-age game will indeed be new on the market and holds tremendous potentials and promises.

"May the Forces of Goodness be with you! Do feel free to pass this message onwards to friends pending for patent and should be on the market in a short while." Grand Master Siafa B. Neal

Neal, Siafa - Model 1 A New Horizon for Advance Chess