In every child's life, there are "TA-DA!" moments, like finally tying that shoe lace, or buttoning that button, or perfectly printing that letter "B."  Most are unaware that those very special moments occur with the help of elf or fairy MAGIC.

A Special Magic, a tale of self-discovery, invites friends to the wonderment and fun of what Liam's elf magic can and cannot do! When the elf Liam gets his first chance to help a human child, he can't wait to get started, but his excitement is soon thwarted when unexpected events occur.  Both he and the child, Asher, realize that something greater than magic is "at play."  

A Special Magic will appeal to children, teachers, parents, (and any reader/listener) who enjoy books inspired by imagination-sparked fantasy, and MAGIC-"colored" moments.

Lurie, Cindy - A Special Magic

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