Lost Memories:  A Nova Garrett Novel by A.E. Hanaway


Novangelia Garrett, aka Nova, wakes up battered and bruised with little memory of her past.  Her brother, Conner, and best friend, Kate, have been caring for her and they fight to be her protectors.  As her memories come seeping back, she soon realizes that her ability to read minds brings with it pain….so much pain.  Her journey to find the truth leads her through trials, more pain, and an unrequited love.  When she is finally confronted with her past, it becomes a struggle that she must win or die.


Lost Memories is the first in a series of novels based on the character, Nova Garrett, from author A. E. Hanaway.  Nova is a woman who faces death over and over again.  Is she invincible or has she been granted immortality? 


Be sure to watch for more books from A.E. Hanaway featuring her unforgettable character, Nova Garrett.

Lost Memories: A Nova Garrett Novel by A.E. Hanaway