Terrorist attack, sinking an American cruise ship, starts
an eruption of multiple Isis-terror attacks impairing the
peaceful life of the US. The attacks leave mass casualties
in its wake. The Secretary of Homeland Security, Hajji Al’
Hajji, selects Special Agent Jim Vandergelden, the deputy
director of the CIA, and retired Marine Corps Colonel,
as the commander of the Special Homeland Security
Force. Jim is a battle hardened ex seal commander and
a proven international CIA operative. He picks his team
members from the best the FBI and CIA has to
offer. They all had served as Seals or as Special Forces
combatants during their enlistment.
Colonel Vandergelden’s mission is to locate and destroy
the Isis cells that have infiltrated the USA. Vandergelden
uncovers the existence of a secret terrorist group
named, Cell-X. Intel from reliable sources alleges that
Cell-X is developing weapons of mass destruction on
US soil.

Lohn, Al - The Hunt for Cell-X

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