Life with Tank is book 1 in The Shelter Series by Ann Drews.  This wonderful, child-like book encourages others to adopt a shelter pet.  They long so much for a family and a home.  So, this book is dedicated to them. 10% of the profit of this book will be donated to the Chautauqua County Animal Shelter where Tank was adopted from.

Life with Tank by Ann Drews

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    "Life with Tank" by Ann Drews :D :D :D


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    Reviewed By Edith Wairimu for Readers’ Favorite

    Illustrated through beautiful art, The Shelter Series: Life with Tank by Ann Drews is a heart-warming and enlightening story of one dog’s experience before and after finding a home. Tank lived as a shelter dog for a long time. As each family came into the shelter, looking for a pet to love and provide a home, Tank kept wishing they would pick him. Days came and went and even though the staff at the shelter did their best to take care of him, he still felt that something was missing. Most of the days he felt lonely and his longing for a place to call home and a family to call his own only grew. Tank also knew that the other animals in the shelter felt like he did. Then one day, his dreams came true.


    Life with Tank is told from the point of view of Tank, which makes the message in the book even more moving. Through this style of writing, I was able to relate to what Tank felt when he was at the shelter. Ann Drews shows the loneliness that the animals feel as they wait for someone to pick them and take them home, and the painful experiences that animals go through as they watch family after family come and go. The illustrations by Jenni Mueller complement the story and its theme. I also liked that the story is solely focused on Tank and his experiences and there are very few supporting characters who are just mentioned. Life with Tank is enlightening through its important lesson.