The Black Rose, the second novel in The Detective Carla McBride Chronicles, will test Carla’s experience, patience, and emotional psyche until the very end. Risking her life investigating several dangerous situations, her nemesis, John Dickerson, lurks in the background. With a psychotic game of revenge on his mind, who will it involve?

Will it be Laura Watson, Chris Abbott, Walt Blevins, Daisy, or Carla he chooses? How and when he strikes  depends on which person will satisfy his psychotic thirst? After life-altering events, Carla questions her life. What changes in her life and career will have a   profound effect on her destiny?

As in The Gold Fedora, will Walt Blevins join Carla in putting the pieces of this ever-changing mystery together? While Carla still struggles with Samantha  Lewis’ disappearance, will her fate be revealed, or will it remain a mystery? Was the death of Debbie Castle an accident or made to appear that way?

While The Black Rose will answer all these questions and more, the many twists and turns will keep you guessing how this one ends.

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Lewis, Nick - HARDBACK - The Black Rose