In Nick Lewis’s debut novel, The Gold Fedora, Oakmont, a small peaceful town in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky, is brought to its knees by a heinous, senseless crime with a cornucopia of possible suspects. After Dean Stephens, lead detective on the case was unexpectedly suspended, Police Chief Brock Evans must quickly assign another detective before the case turns stone cold, but who would he choose? Although he had serious reservations with his choice, he put his faith and career in the hands of a brash and beautiful female detective of Irish ethnicity. Detective Carla McBride with all her red-headed temper and passion comes to life in The Gold Fedora. With her investigation continually being riddled with bizarre twists and turns, one would wonder whether she has what it takes to solve this difficult and intriguing case?

Through a chance meeting, and a blue golf ball marker embossed with a gold Fedora found at the scene of the crime, Walt Blevins, publisher of The Daily Reporter, explodes on the scene in a strange bizarre way. He quickly becomes a person of interest in the case, the question is why? After Walt’s alibis are verified, he and Carla develop a unique love-hate relationship built on shaky ground. Will they be able to put              their personalities and fears aside to untangle a web of indiscretion, deceit, and loyalty in their quest for justice? Their ability and patience will be tested till the very end.

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Lewis, Nick - EBOOK - The Detective Carla McBride Chronicles: The Gold Fedora