I ran up the stairs, skipping steps in order to get to him on the pedestrian bridge. I'm smiling, crying... so much adrenaline. I could hardly contain myself. I looked at him, and he put his hand up to tell me to stop. People were everywhere, and I was wondering why he was telling me to stop. Didn't he know how excited I was to see him? Then, he started shaking his head.

My heart was screaming, What do you mean NO?!? How?! He knew exactly how I was feeling, and he held me right away as I almost passed out.

"I'm sorry. I am so sorry, baby," he cried to me.

My body came to a complete halt. I went into shock right away with the word denied running through my head. I became hysterical, as he had to help me get back to our hotel room. How could this have been? He was a good man! Why was this happening?! OH, MY GOD!

Juarez, Kristina - Devastated Families