Inspired by the group Badfinger


Midwest Book Review:

Wish You Were Here: “A Rock Fantasy” is a quirky story written by Joyce S. Isaacson. This unique, original, deftly crafted metaphysical novel showcases Joyce’s genuine flair for character and narrative-driven entertainment that is simply riveting from the first page to the last.



This Rock Fantasy, the expanded edition, bridges the love between band -mates with the Pop -Paranormal, set to a killer soundtrack. After years of depression following the death of his soul brother, Tomas Alvers finds himself in Heaven. Guided by the angel Gabriel, Tomas sets out on a Dantean adventure, hoping to reunite with his beloved lead singer. Along the way, Tomas encounters famous artists and performers laughing and learning from each other, in a grueling quest to rock the heavens! He fights an uphill battle trying to understand the rules. While exploring questions about legacy, he wonders if he will ever find his mate.


Isaacson, Joyce - Wish You Were Here: Rock Fantasy