Book 4 - The Old Man and the Watch Series

Jacob Tally has lived an unusual life. After his parent’s death, he lived with his godparents, Lisa and Bata Bohanna.
Born into a family fashioned by the mysterious Morgan Fairchild, Jacob realizes he is not the same as his family. He’s not a fighter. He wants his life quiet, predictable and organized. Or does he? He struggles with finding his own purpose in life.

This is his story. How he came to grips with the loss of his family, the near death of his sister and a most unlikely friendship. He now lives in South Africa, among the bush people and the wildlife where he seeks peace, but Morgan has other plans and peace isn’t part of it.

Jacob learns there are things more precious than gold in life. Things you would gladly lay down your life to protect. Follow along with him on his journey, as he delves into the dark world of poachers, a corrupt government, and a thriving black market. All to save the most unlikely friendship.

Jewell, Jo - Glory Plains: The Raising of a Thousand Voices

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