When was the last time you read a truly inspiring book?


Is it the one your reading now? Maybe the one before that? Well if it's been a while since you've read one, or even if you've just finished one, this is a really good western novel that has inspiration for the ages. BIG JOHN is a story about a Christian man who comes to Virginia City Nevada looking for work as a miner. He stops a thief, goes on posses, chases robbers and murderers, catching some, killing others. Making good money on the rewards he buys properties as investments and makes out like a bandit, so to speak. He works in a cafe for a friend when they get overwhelmed by a very large lunch rush. He even meets a wonderful Christian woman and falls in love. Though this is not a romance novel, it is a novel about a romance. Though this is not a spiritual novel, it is a novel dealing with the spiritual. John makes friends as he spreads seeds of the gospel wherever he goes.


GIblin, Micky - Big John