Moms, Dads, Grandparents, do you long to have time to study God's word as you care for your little ones? Exploring God's Word Together Bible Study for Adults and Little Ones serves two purposes. 1- It is the Adult version of a two-book Bible devotion. It contains 6 Bible stories that match the 6 stories to share with your child in Book 1. After you read your child their Bible story, you can dive deeper into the Word with this interactive study of your own! 2- It also has a guide to teach the activities that are included in the Child's devotional. Nothing is better than spending time with your child, teaching them about God. Now you have a tool to do that plus have your own study time as you learn the word together. This book can be used as an adult Bible study on its own or with the accompanying book: Exploring God's Word Together: A Child's Bible Study and Activity Guide. Alone it is an Adult Bible study. As a set, an adult and child will learn about Jesus together.

Exploring God's Word Together: Bible Study for Adults and Little Ones

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