People think Teddy is a fluffy, sweet, stuffed animal. I suppose it's true. He likes to smile and make everybody happy, but today he is not feeling like that. He is mad. Find out how Mrs. Paz teaches him that anger is okay and gives him some easy steps to deal with anger in a healthy way.

Even Teddy Bears Get Mad by Sabrina Andonegui

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  • Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

    Meet Teddy and Tobby in the storybook Even Teddy Bears Get Mad! Anger is Okay by Sabrina Andonegui Meneses. Teddy is a fluffy, stuffed animal and he likes to make people happy, especially his buddy Tobby who is an adventurous little boy. They are happy playing together. One day while playing in school, Teddy gets angry with Tobby because first he took the blue supersonic cat from Teddy’s hand and then the mega-fast, red motorcycle. Mrs. Paz, Tobby’s teacher, is watching everything but Teddy is not interested in listening because he is very angry. The only thing Teddy wants to do is to hit Tobby. He hears Mrs. Paz asking him to breathe deeply. Breathing deeply calms Teddy and he feels sad that he thought of hurting his friend.

    This book guides young readers on how to control their anger in a calm manner and use their words accordingly. The illustrations are adorable and they give clarity to the concept, making it easy for youngsters to practice the four steps easily. The illustrations are charming and they make the book colorful and captivating. The story helps young readers understand that feeling angry is okay as long as they do not hurt anybody. The book teaches them how to deal with their anger in a healthy way. The discussion at the end of the book and the poster activity make it an excellent storybook for classroom interactive sessions. Parents can use the tips given to handle their children at home when they get angry.