Book 7 in the Willow Tree Series..

Note from Ann Drews:
This little girl is someone so very cherished. Before she was even born, there was an unmistakable walk of covenant. This precious miracle is Sophie Ryan Keenan. Her amazing parents are Bill and Kara Keenan.

Sophie was born at the Covenant Health Women's and Children's Hospital in Lubbock, Texas. I am told that the staff there was like family and they took amazing care with Sophie and her family. Thank you to all of those who work there and love like Jesus. The cover picture was taken by Mr. Keenan on a walk one day. Wouldn't it just be God's love allowing a willow tree in the shape of a heart not far from the hospital?

I have spent many hours praying for the McGinnis family, the Keenans and the momma that gave up her baby. This is a true story of God's plan, and His love for His children.

Please enjoy this story, that of the miracle of a baby, sent to love, in covenant.

Drews, Ann - Willow Tree Covenant