Don’t Let Dawn Come By Toni Garcia


Don’t Let Dawn Come by Toni Garcia isn’t just a romance book, it is a moving experience.  The book tells of the huge pain of losing a loved one.  Love allows us to fall and to dream of building a life with someone.  It allows us to realize that every instant with the people that we love it’s the best treasure for us!


It is a second chance to love and another chance to take each moment and hold it like a treasure with the people around you.  This is the real love, the eternal love. 


It speaks to a tragedy that happens with no reason and leaves many unanswered questions.  Sometimes we just need hear the beating of a heart and to love someone unconditionally.


Dreams are gone, hearts are broken, we lose our way, we are alone.  But, tomorrow there is a new dawn and a better day.  There is hope!


Don't Let the Dawn Come

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