In the freezing cold of winter, a tiny kitten lies shivering in wait.  A mere eight weeks old, she is curled up, behind the wheel of a car.  All she wants is someone to love her. Kydee is an adorable little kitten who finds a wonderful home after a rough beginning.  

Doig, Dawn - Kydee

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  • Reviewed by Kimberlee J Benart for Readers' Favorite

    Kydee by Dawn Doig, with color illustrations by Savannah Horton, is a picture book about a kitten found shivering on a busy street in freezing winter weather. Kydee is only eight weeks old. She’s lost, scared, shivering in the cold, and wondering if her mother will ever find her. Fortunately, a kind person hears her mewing, picks her up, and takes her home. Kydee’s life takes a wonderful turn. She’s warm, snuggled and hugged. She plays with bouncing balls and feather toys, pounces on an older cat in the home, and chases the red dot of a laser pointer. After a long and happy day of kitten play, Kydee falls asleep with wonderful dreams in her head, safe and loved at last.

    Dawn Doig gives us a charming story that young children will certainly enjoy. Who could resist such a cute kitten as Kydee? She purrs and licks, runs and jumps, hops and pounces, and chases and climbs her way into the reader’s heart. Written mostly in rhyme and beautifully illustrated, the story teaches both the concept of humane care and kindness to animals, especially those lost or abandoned, and the emotional reward of pet companions in our lives. The rhyming contains fun and silly phrases, such as Bipple-Bopple-Boop, Flipple-Flopple-Floop, and Flicky-Flacky-Flout, which children will enjoy mimicking and repeating. The presence of the older cat, Old Mama Yafa-Fluff, lets us know that this new home is pet-friendly and that little Kydee will have a cat companion as well as a human one. A fun read.