Melanie hates her Big Nose! Big noses run in her family, but her nose makes her feel less than beautiful until she meets a little kitten who thinks her nose is Puurrrrfect!

Doig, Dawn - Coloring Book - Big Noses are Beautiful!

  • Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

    Melanie had a big nose. Melanie headed off to school and all the time as she walked she dreamed of having a button nose, just like Maria, Meemo, and Zeego. Everyone in Melanie's family had big noses, but she had the biggest of them all. Her father always asked her if she preferred to have a million dollars or her nose full of nickels. As she grew older the funny things about her nose started to wear off. Melanie had many mishaps because of her nose and she hated her nose. Something different happened when she saved a tiny, orange and white kitten high up on the tree branch. To little Fluffus, Melanie's nose was the most beautiful of noses.

    Big Noses Are Beautiful by Dawn Doig is a delightful story that will make children accept themselves for who they are and what they have in a positive way. The author's illustrations are as adorable as her words and make Melanie and Fluffus tangible to readers. Melanie's character has been portrayed well and it will encourage readers to be happy with who they are. This storybook is good for storytelling and read-aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries and tutors will find it easy to encourage their students to be happy with what they have. Parents can use it for bedtime storytelling and help their children appreciate and be happy with their looks.