Cleta Virgil Cox:  Shenanigans of a Funeral Home Janitor is one of the best books you will read this year, hands down!  If you like the paranormal with a good dose of humor, this book will satisfy both compulsions.  Book 1 in the series.


Cleta sees dead people.  Not that she wants to and not that she considers it a gift, she just does.  In the daytime hours, Cleta works as a janitor at the Miller Funeral Home, but on the  occasional night where someone meets their untimely death, Julian Flores, the chief coroner, will give her a call and she will become what she calls, a “stiff chaser”.  Cleta is intrigued by death.  The dead show up at her house, her work, and even at the Swig and Swaller, where she frequently sings karaoke and drinks too much.


Along with her little dog, Bandit and her friend Karen, they try to persuade the dearly departed to DEPART!  Some go willingly, some do not.


“This is one of the funniest books I have ever read.  I had tears streaming down my face!”  Debi Stanton, Pen It! Publications


Cleta Virgil Cox: Shenanigans of a Funeral Home Janitor by Lana Ramos