It’s just another ordinary night in the ER for Dr. Alexa Faberman until a gun shot victim she treats comes up with a blood type that can’t be defined. Alexa attempts to draw the patient’s blood again, but doesn’t get that far. Her patient, Raul, has just had major surgery for a gunshot wound and he’s trying to leave the hospital. Alexa tries to reason with the handsome, imposing man, but he can’t be swayed. Raul claims he’s being hunted and that he’s a vampire. Alexa thinks he belongs on a psychiatric ward, but soon finds out there’s some truth to his claims when two men burst into his hospital room and abduct both of them at gunpoint.

Every belief system Alexa has is challenged when these men take her and Raul to a compound in Nevada ran by an evil government agency called the SFVO, Studies for Vampires Organization. The SFVO does cruel testing on vampires and Raul’s sister, Adeline, happens to be one of their victims. Raul is determined to free his sister and get all of them out of the compound. During their escape, Alexa witnesses the siblings doing acts that aren’t humanly possible. Soon Alexa is convinced vampires do exist and she’s forced to rely on one, Raul, for her freedom and very life because the SFVO wants her dead.

Now on the run with Raul and his sister, Alexa begins to see them as ordinary people fighting for their lives and freedom as well. And Raul—well he intrigues Alexa like no man ever has on so many levels. The danger Alexa faces isn’t just the threat from the SFVO, but losing her heart to a man who isn’t even human. 

Campbell, Lana - Mystery of Alien Blood

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