Breaking Chains of Darkness and Setting the Captives Free:  DELIVERANCE is a powerful weapon God has given His church to defeat Satan and set His people free!  However,  no one can live in sin and also walk in the power of God!


When we accept Christ as our Savior, we become sons of God, washed clean by His blood, and when we die we go to heaven. This however, does not mean we are totally free and our problems will come to an end.  We are still bound by our past; struggling with hurts, bitterness, lack of forgiveness, depression, illness, addictions, or just plain feeling defeated in life.


We remain in bondage because although our spirit is born again, our soul (will, emotions and mind) and physical body need to be renewed and transformed.  These are the areas that need deliverance.


This manual is a comprehensive bible based study about the ministry of deliverance initiated  by Jesus Christ.  It includes a wide variety of related topics including: can a Christian have a demon, how demons enter, the origin of Satan and demons generational curses, soul ties, spiritual warfare, the believer's authority, ministry to children, the deliverance process and much more.


Breaking Chains of Darkness and Setting the Captives Free by Dr James Fent

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