Between 6 & 7: The Genesend by Korey Woods


At the age of 14, John Camp is an all-around average kid who has an average life...until he gets into an altercation with the new kid at school named J. Revels. A fight breaks out that grows to immense proportions when John is tricked into     entering a life or death tournament called The WAR.

The WAR is a galaxy tournament which is held to keep order in the universe.  Anyone can participate, and the winner can tell history all over again, to their liking. The WAR was constructed by a being named NEVES, who is the embodiment of judgment itself. NEVES got The Devil and God to agree upon The WAR as a reasonable solution to their constant disagreements. Only a few tournaments have taken place so far,   each one won by God. The Devil, obviously angered by this, is anxious to ensure a way or the other.

Tested beyond his means, John is trained by his father David, in hopes of keeping his life and ending the feud with J. Revels, by winning The War tournament.


  • Without knowing his powers, does John have a chance?

Between 6 & 7 by Korey Woods

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  • Between 6 & 7 by Korey Woods:  Review by Darrell Gibson:  "For the author's first piece of literary work, it was a homerun. The labeling of the characters is what caught my attention first and after that, each chapter made me want to turn the pages faster.  Good read.  Can't wait to see what comes next from the imagination of Mr. Woods.