5x7 Mission Sized Book


Pastor Ray Stanton was raised in a poor farming family in Indiana.  He always felt the presence of God in his life, though he never really had a relationship with him.  His family rarely, if ever, went to church and he, being the oldest of seven kids had to work on the farm from an early age.

When he was eight-years-old, Ray had his first encounter with God in a snowy hayfield.  There were many other times when God protected Ray, but it wasn’t until he was twenty-seven years old and thought he couldn’t go on that he accepted Christ after trying to commit suicide.  He was about to pull the trigger when God spoke to him.

Pastor Stanton has traveled all over the world spreading the gospel and sharing his story with others.  It is his wish that this book be an inspiration to you in your walk with God. 

Adoration Prayer: Mission Sized Book by Pastor Ray Stanton